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About us

About us

GONKSYS, S.A. was created in 2013, it is a company integrated in technology solutions that includes a group of people with extensive experience in the field of Information Technology and Communication.

The basic principles that guide us are the development of a creative spirit, integrative, innovative and responsible group, in which trust and commitment are the point of departure and arrival of all our activity, seeking to respond to requests and disparate complex of different sectors, economic-financial, social, educational and health business branch.

With a team of experienced, creative, responsible and competent employees with an entrepreneurial spirit, availability and assertive, we can leverage new opportunities for success and streamline communication processes and information currently required in the various institutions and business groups by placing them in path of success and leadership in national and international markets.

GONKSYS assumed therefore imperative commitment to seek strategies and solutions to ensure satisfaction of the Customer / Partner, based on respect, innovation and accountability. We develop solutions that enables to monetize their investments for efficiency, productivity and competitiveness, and to respond effectively to their real needs.

our commitment, your trust!